With the choice of Societe Generale as Clearing Bank, Norlys Energy Trading has entered a collaboration that embraces growth ambitions.

With Societe Generale as Clearing Bank, Norlys Energy Trading has secured the foundation for further expansion of trading within even more markets and countries. Societe Generale has been committed in the collaboration from the start as well as very open-minded and supportive towards the ambitious setup. The process from reaching out to delivery of the final product only took an impressive three months, ensuring a timely completion by a shared focus on the common goal.  

Ole Ibsen, CFO at Norlys Energy Trading, said: ”I am really pleased that Societe Generale is our clearing broker. The energy and passion the team brings into this cooperation is impressive and leaves us with the comfort, that we have the right foundation for the ambitious journey our company is on”.

Societe Generale and Norlys Energy Trading both ranges widely within their field. The frame has been set for Norlys Energy Trading to be able to continue with an ambitious goal setting and Societe Generale is ready to support this growth agenda. A special thanks to Chris Bartlett and Tom Pedersen from Societe Generale for a professional collaboration

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