Quantitative Trader/Researcher for US Power Trading


Quantitative Trader/Researcher for US Power Trading

Having successfully completed our first trade in the US power market, we are now looking for quantitative talents to help us accelerate our North American journey. You will be one of the first members of a new team, which means you will be part of the journey from the start. If you enjoy entrepreneurship and pushing new frontiers, then this role might be for you!

About the Role

Your role will be to research and develop quantitative trading strategies across the power markets in North America. As such, you can expect to be part of the entire quantitative value chain:

  • Generating novel ideas with your colleagues, pitching trading concepts on the whiteboard
  • Researching our edge in the market and locating the data and features you need to realise your ideas
  • Developing, validating, and backtesting your research in the process of refining profitable trading strategies
  • Implementing and operating your active strategies, keeping track of KPIs and P&L metrics

Depending on your profile, you will focus on one or more of our three key pillars:

Quantitative research: pioneering research into features and novel machine learning methods to resolve the complex dynamics of the US power markets

Software/quant development: maturing/building our code base and our MLOps stack, ensuring reliable and scalable operations via your outstanding skills as a first-class code-smith

Trading and market specialisation: executing in and connecting with the ever-changing dynamics of the markets, researching trends, news and market developments, and feeding this into our research loop

Our objective is to establish a performance and merit-driven team culture with open and honest collaboration and sharing of ideas and research, coupled with a single-minded drive towards realizing our commercial targets.

We expect that you:

  • Have a keen interest in trading (even if you have no experience), and thrive in a performance-driven environment
  • Have a quantitative degree at master or PhD level (mathematics, physics, computer science or similar)
  • Are familiar with quantitative methods such as machine learning, numerical modelling, or optimisation
  • Are pathologically curious and always looking to improve and develop your professional skills and are unafraid to put in hard work to achieve results

An automated and quantitative approach to trading is the perfect match for realising our ambitious targets across he US, making this a fantastic opportunity for both talented juniors with no trading experience and seasoned specialists from quantitative energy trading in Europe looking for a new and challenging market to address.

We offer

  • 168 highly dedicated and friendly colleagues from more than 19 different countries
  • An exciting workday, where you actively embrace new possibilities and tasks that arise daily
  • The opportunity to grow and educate yourself further during your employment
  • An active staff association with many social activities all year round
  • A competitive salary and good pension agreement
  • Great work-life balance and flexibility

About Norlys Energy Trading

Norlys Energy Trading A/S is trading gas and power across Europe from our headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. Within the first two years of existence, we have established a market footprint within energy trading in several European markets, but this is just the start of our journey. We have high ambitions with a focus on being a strong player in the global market and on supporting the activities of our owners for a better, greener future.


We process applications on a continuous basis, which is why we encourage you to send your application as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions regarding the job, please feel free to contact Mads Trolle, Head of US Quant Trading at +45 61701186 or mlt@norlysenergytrading.com.

To learn more about us, please visit our website or Linkedin.